Frequently Asked Questions
How exactly do I receive calls through this service? Will my phone number be exposed?
VerifiedCall acts as a third-party channel to connect you to your fans. When a fan wants to call you, they prepay for a call, then our system calls you and them simultaneously. Once both of you are connected to our line, we bridge your calls together, and let you talk for the prepaid amount of time. Once the buyer runs out of minutes, the phone call is disconnected. Your fans never see your number. Both they, and you, are called by our toll-free number, 1.415.830.4373.
How do I let people know that I'm using this service?
You can use our system two ways: by using the hosted-profile page we create for you, or by integrating a module into your own website. If you want to use the hosted version, we'll provide you with both a long-link and a shortened-link to your public profile page on You can use the short link to email your fans, send out tweets, post to facebook, etc. If you integrate our module into your site, your fans will see it the second they visit your website.
How much can I earn through this service?
You can charge anything you want per minute. Verified Call will collect a minimal percentage of the rate you choose, the most competitive in the industry. You earn however much you want per minute.
How do I get paid?
Payment is made on the first business day each month for all calls received in the prior month. Your first payment will be made via paper check. You will have the option to set up direct deposit (U.S. users only) after the first check you receive.
What if I don't answer the phone when someone calls?
If you don't answer the phone, your called will not be charged.
What if the caller, or I, hang up early? Do I still receive the money?
If the buyer ends the call early, you still receive the full amount for the call. If you end the call early, however, the buyer is only charged for the amount of time the call actually lasted.
Do I need a website to use the service?
No, you only need a website if you want to integrate our module. You can always use the hosted-profile we create for you instead.
How do I access my account?
Once you're accepted into our program and your identity is verified, we will setup your account and send your login-credentials via email. You can Log into your account by visiting and clicking the "login" link in the upper-right corner of the page. Enter the username and password we sent you, and you'll be granted access to your Account Manager.
How do I change my account settings?
Once logged-in to your Account Manager, you can change your account settings by editing the information in the "Account Settings" area of the page then clicking the "Update Settings" button.
How do I change my public profile?
All changes to your public-profile must be approved, by us, before they "go live" on your profile page. To submit changes, just edit the information contained in the "Profile Info" area of your account manager and click "Submit for Approval."
How do I change my online-status?
You can only receive calls through when your online-status is set to "online". By default, your status is set to "offline". You can change your status two ways:
  • By clicking the button indicated in the "Change Your Status" section of your Account-Manager.
  • By texting 'on' or 'off' to 1.415.830.4373 from the number registered to your account.
How do I integrate a VerifiedCall module into my site?
If you'd like to integrate a module into your site, we have 3 sizes available: Small, Medium, and Large. Use the "Module Code-Generator" section of your Account Manager to generate the html-code you'll need to integrate seamlessly. For more module details and real-life examples, see our examples-page here:
How do I view my payment-history and call-history?
Your Account Manager allows you to view your call history and payment history at any time. Payments are issued, (via check) on the first of every month for any revenue accumulated during the previous month.

For Callers:

I put in my payment information, when do I get a call from the person I want to speak with?
Once the payment is authorized, we will try to connect you with the professional immediately. If he/she does not answer the phone, the call has not gone through and you are not charged for the amount.
My call didn't go through, but the charge on my credit card is still pending. When do I see this drop off?
If a call does not go through, we drop the hold on your card immediately. Depending on your credit card provider, it will take 1 to 3 business days to see the pending charge removed. Please contact your provider if the amount is still pending.
But I used a Debit Card, why did you take the amount and when will it be refunded?
Debit Cards are charged immediately to verify you have the amount for the call available. If the call does not connect, you will be refunded within 1 to 3 business days.
My card was declined, what do I do?
Please contact your credit card provider and ask if there are any holds preventing you from using your card on our site. You can also verify that you typed in the information correctly (address and zip code are up to date).
I do not have a credit card or debit card, can I still use your service?
Unfortunately not. We only accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover as authorized payments.
I heard I have the option to extend my call. How do I do this?
When you are currently on a call, a window will pop up with the amount of time remaining on the call. There will be a drop down option on that same page, asking if you would like to extend the call and for how many minutes. The additional time will begin after the original call without disconnecting.