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I was born en caul & double crowned. My grandmother first taught me the 'game of tarot' using a regular set of cards. Through my teen years I studied runes, but came back to tarot as a young woman.

I've been reading tarot spreads for over 35 years now, albeit privately.

I emerged from the broom closet in May '15 two years after taking early retirement & settling in Thailand. This is my first public offering of my services. I am able to maintain my energy & focus through set hours due to my strong foundations and beliefs in action, skills honed & qualifying me as a practitioner of Holistic Tarot Counseling.

I have an MA in Human Development & Psychological Counseling (completed 2004, ASU Boone, NC) I am an eclectic neutral practitioner of earth science/magik & solar metaphysics.

I grew up moving a lot. I've lived in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas born, Georgia, & North Carolina. I’ve traveled extensively in the US before moving abroad after grad school. I've lived in South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand & Cambodia. I've visited several more countries. I am a temple tourist of sorts. :)

My grandfather was a high level Freemason first in the Elks Lodge, then again for fun, the Moose Lodge. He was also a member of Mensa, although he was forced to earn a living, dropping out of public school after 8th grade. He is registered on the Choctaw Roll. My grandmother (Fuquay "French Acadia"), mother, aunt, & sister are Eastern Stars. I was not set to walk an approved path within a guild so I was harnessed at the age of 7 for my gifts for over 40 years.

I practiced as a solitary and was accepted to follow the Yantra path by Ajarn Koh of Ayutthaya, Thailand, May 2010. After proving to be a daily dedicated practitioner, I was gratefully set free of the “Masonic Harness” by a Sanskrit shaman at the earth’s new year (April, 2015). Unfettered, my gifts have expounded. I am also a craftswoman in blessings, bindings, healing, amulets & talismans.
I follow a Pagan Yantra path.

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